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Don’t waste it, pickle the watermelon rind


Do not waste any food — Shanghai auntie’s cooking wisdom prevails during these tough times. According to their shared recipes, I tried to cook some vegetable leaves or rinds that are usually tossed away. Spicy watermelon rind pickle is the best.


Half watermelon rind, 3g salt, 5g sugar

5ml light soy sauce, 20ml rice vinegar, 5g sugar


1. Cut rind from watermelon. Trim off the pink flesh and the green and pale green outer portions of the watermelon rind; discard those portions. Cut the rind into 1cm slices. 2. Mixed the rind slices with sugar and salt. Marinate for one


3. Rinse mixture under cold running water. Squeeze out

water. Drain well.

4. Combine red chili, sugar, rice vinegar and light soy sauce in a bowl. Mix the sauce well with the rind slices. Put the mixture in a container. Refrigerat­e at least two hours or overnight.

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