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Celebritie­s come out in support of the anti-pandemic fight

- Xu Wei

WHILE the coronaviru­s continues to hamper movement in Shanghai for the sixth week, Chinese artists have stepped forward in support of the pandemic fight.

Producer and actor Yang Zi and his actress wife Huang Shengyi have teamed up with the China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviatio­n to donate two negative pressure ambulances to hospitals for the transfer of COVID-19 patients. The ambulances are already in use at the Shanghai No. 4 People’s Hospital and Shanghai Yangpu Hospital of TCM.

The ambulances are equipped with negative pressure systems, HEPA filters, ultraviole­t lights and isolation chambers that offer better protection against infectious, especially airborne, diseases.

Both Yang and Huang have been involved in charity work for many years. They hope that the ambulances will offer some relief to the patients in the city.

The China Film Foundation and young actors Huang Xuan, Wan Qian, Yang Zi and Wen Qi also donated four batches of food and daily necessitie­s to the frontline workers, and extended their support for the city’s medical and sanitation workers and the elderly people.

Tian Hua, an official from the foundation, said the young actors were actively involved, which demonstrat­ed their strong sense of social responsibi­lity.

Actor Chen Long has been working as a community volunteer for about a month. Dressed in a protective white jumpsuit, he has assisted neighbors by performing various volunteer tasks, such as delivering packages.

Actor Huang Xiaoming donated a large number of medical supplies and daily necessitie­s to the city.

The donations, which include facial masks, protective suits, purified water and an electric disinfecti­on vehicle, have been sent to local communitie­s.

Actors Chen He and Du Jiang also donated protective gear and fresh vegetables to the faculty of Shanghai Theater Academy. Shanghai-born singer Luo Zhongxu composed a song on the theme of fighting the pandemic.

Other celebritie­s, such as Hu Ge, Ma Yili, Zhou Shen, Tong Liya, Lei Jiayin, Zheng Kai, Guo Jingfei and Hai Qing, all made videos in which they shared their hopes and encouraged people to get through the hard times with confidence and togetherne­ss.

 ?? ?? The two negative pressure ambulances were donated by producer and actor Yang Zi and his actress wife, Huang Shengyi. — Ti Gong
The two negative pressure ambulances were donated by producer and actor Yang Zi and his actress wife, Huang Shengyi. — Ti Gong

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