Shanghai Daily

Man kills 3, injures 6 at kindergart­en

- Chen Huizhi

POLICE in east China’s Jiangxi Province are hunting for a man who allegedly killed three people and injured six others at a kindergart­en yesterday morning.

The shocking crime took place at a private kindergart­en in Pingdu Town, Jiangxi’s Anfu County, at 10:22am.

The suspect allegedly entered the kindergart­en wearing a cap and face mask and carrying an object with which he went on a rampage, killing three and injuring six people. He then fled.

Local police soon identified the suspect as a 48-year-old man called Liu Xiaohui who is a native of Anfu County.

Liu allegedly discarded his cap, mask and bag along his way of escape.

Police are offering 100,000 yuan (US$14,800) as reward for effective clues of his whereabout­s that eventually leads to his arrest.

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