For many it is a gateway to Himalayan treks, but Kathmandu is a rich destination in itself, filled with ancient Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas and even nightlife. Apart from hiking gear, bring shoes that are easy to slip on and off at religious sites, and

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The sights and nightlife of Kathmandu



對於很多人而言,這裡是通往喜雅馬拉 山的門戶,但加德滿都本身就是一個精采萬分的旅遊勝地,隨處可見古老的印度教寺廟和佛塔,也有夜生活場所。除了登山備裝外,建議攜帶方便在場脫宗教 所穿 的鞋子,以及可分層穿搭的服飾,為一年四季每日溫差較大的氣候做好萬全準備。此外,自備電筒以防停電也是上。策

FROM LEFT: Shirt dress by Sandro; loafers by Stuart Weitzman; backpack by Haglofs (from Protrek); heels by Stuart Weitzman; espadrilles by Soludos (from Kapok). Opposite page, top to bottom from left: socks by Smartwool; compass by Suunto (both from...

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