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Culture Vulture recommends: A secluded ritual

What: Hemis Festival

When: 23, 24 Jun Where: Ladakh, India

During this celebration, colourful theatre and dance performances at a remote Tibetan Buddhist monastery contrast with the beautiful mountain scenery of Ladakh in northern India. 文化愛好者建議活動:隱世慶典活動:面具節

日期: 6月至日23 24地點:印度拉達克

印度北部拉達克是世上最荒蕪而遙遠的地區之一,每年這裡的山區舉行傳統的面具節,藏傳佛寺會在節慶期間上演精采的戲劇及舞蹈表演。 Naturalist recommends:

Up, up and away

What: Taiwan International Balloon Festival

When: 30 Jun- 6 Aug Where: Taitung, Taiwan

Held on a sprawling field next to lush mountains, this event features the spectacle of hot-air balloons while also offering music performances and other activities. 自然主義者建議活動:遠走高飛活動:台灣國際熱氣球嘉年華日期: 6月30日至86月 日地點:台灣台東

活動於鬱蔥高山旁的寬闊大草原舉行。色彩繽紛的熱氣球在空中化成蔚為奇觀的美妙風景,還有音樂會及其他精采活動。 Sportsperson recommends: Sea skills What: Asian Sailing Championship When: 24-30 Jun Where: Jakarta, Indonesia

While Jakarta gears up to host the Asian Games, it first holds this prestigious regatta, which kicks off at Ancol Seafront, just off the city’s business district. 愛好運動人士建議活動:海上競技活動:亞洲帆船錦標賽日期: 6月至日24 30地點:印尼雅加達

本屆亞洲運動會主辦城市雅加達以這項享負盛名的帆船賽打響頭炮。賽事於毗鄰商業區的Ancol Seafront海旁舉行。 Foodie recommends: Shelling out

What: crayfish season

When: Jun-Sep Where: Shanghai, China

Street-side restaurants serve steamy plates of crayfish every summer in Shanghai. The most popular way to cook them is with tongue-numbing spice, so be ready with ice cold beers. 饕客建議活動:剝殼拆肉活動:小龍蝦季節日期: 6月至9月地點:中國上海


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