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Feel spiritual with our guide to Asia’s top religious monuments



With 100,000 Buddha statues and 1,400 caves, the Longmen Grottoes, near Luoyang in Henan province, reflect designs and cultures spanning dynasties, serving as an important historical record. 龍門石窟鄰河近南省洛陽的龍門石窟擁有10萬尊佛像和1,400個穴反洞 ,映不同朝代的設計和文化,是記載歷史的重要文物。


This temple is one of the few in Singapore that honour Hindu deities alongside those of Buddhism and Taoism. Reflecting Singapore’s multiculturalism, it also has a Muslim shrine.


洛陽大伯公宮是新加坡少數同時供奉印度教、佛和教 道教神祇的廟宇。廟內亦建有穆斯林聖墓,反映新加坡的多元文化。 TIAN TAN BUDDHA

Also known as the ‘Big Buddha’, this statue is the world’s biggest outdoor seated bronze Buddha. Its base is a replica of the one at Beijing’s Tian Tan, aka Temple of Heaven. 天壇大佛又名「大佛」,據稱是世界上最大型的外銅戶 青 座佛,地基的設計藍本源自北京天壇。


Also known as the Temple of the Tooth, this place of worship in Kandy houses what is supposedly one of Buddha’s teeth. The Esala Perahera festival in July honours this relic, with a replica tooth paraded around the city.

佛牙寺相傳位於康提的佛牙藏寺 有佛祖火化後的舍利子。每在 年7月舉辦的佛牙節,信徒會帶著舍利子的仿製品在市內巡遊,表達對佛牙的。崇敬 ZI NAN TEMPLE

Located in Zhushan, this temple is particularly busy at Chinese New Year, when devotees ask to borrow money from the money god before rubbing a golden chicken for good luck. They return the loan with offerings. 紫南宮位於竹山的廟宇,每逢農曆新年就會吸引大批信衆前來,向財神「借庫」,順道摸一摸金雞祈。福 信徒需要一年後回來酬神



The largest religious monument in the world, this sprawling complex near Siem Reap was originally constructed as a Hindu temple during the Khmer Empire and then transformed into a Buddhist temple towards the end of the 12th century.

吳哥窟這座全球最大的教宗 遺跡坐落暹粒附近,吳哥窟建築群原是高棉帝國時期的印度教廟宇。直至12

世紀末,才被改造成佛寺。 BATU CAVES

This series of caves near Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage sites outside India and is dedicated to Lord Murugan, the god of war and victory. Every year it also hosts celebrations for Thaipusam, a Tamil full-moon festival. 黑風洞鄰近吉隆坡的黑洞風 信奉戰神室建陀,是印度以外的熱門印度教朝聖地之一。每這裡 年都會舉辦大寶森慶典,祝慶 坦米爾人的滿月。節


The Temple of Reclining Buddha in Bangkok is classed as the highest grade of the royal temples. It houses the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand, including a 46-metrelong reclining Buddha.

臥佛寺作為最高等級的王室寺廟,曼谷臥佛寺擁有泰國最多的佛像藏品, 括一尊達長 46米的。臥佛

CAO DAI TEMPLE This temple in Ho Chi Minh City was built in 1955 by Caodaists, who believe that all religions are ultimately the same, and who hence worship all deities. Gods of major religions are honoured here, as well as individuals including Confucius, Joan of Arc and Julius Caesar. 高台寺寺廟位處胡志明市,由高台教信徒於1955年建成。高台教主張宗教大同,所以廟內除了侍奉不同宗教的神明,亦侍奉各地偉人如孔、子 聖女貞德和凱撒大帝等。


This Catholic church was originally built with bamboo in 1571 and then rebuilt in wood. Over the years it has endured several fires, and today this important landmark is made of stone.

聖奧古斯丁堂這天間主教堂於1571年以竹搭成,後來用木材,重建 經歷過多次火災後,現已成為石砌的重要地標。

SHWEDAGON PAGODA The Golden Temple of Yangon, believed to contain relics of the four previous Buddhas, is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar. The temple’s tall spire, with a 76- carat diamond studded at its top, can be seen from kilometres away. 仰光大金寺仰光大金寺是緬甸最神的聖 佛



This three-storey Hindu temple is the biggest in Kathmandu. For a long time it was thought to have been built in the 12th century, but damage from the major earthquake of 2015 revealed that it might have been built as far back as the seventh century.

木城寺三層高的木城寺是加德滿都最大的印度教寺廟。它曾經有很長時間被視為世12 紀的建築,但2015年尼泊爾大地震,反而揭示了它可能始建於世七 紀。

GANGES RIVER The Ganges is the embodiment of sacred waters in Hindu mythology. Rituals by the river include praying, bathing, washing and dying – as Hindus believe this is the most sacred place to die. 恆河恆河是印度神話中聖水的化身,與它有關的習俗括禱告、沐

浴洗、 滌和葬禮,因為印度人相信這裡是最神的聖 殯葬之地。


This temple in Gongju is surrounded by a mountain and rivers curving in a yin-yang shape. The top of its stone pagoda is decorated in bronze in the rare style of Tibet’s Lama Buddhist sect.

麻谷寺這間於位 公州的寺廟山明水秀,環繞寺院的山和河流呈太極形

狀。石塔頂端綴以西藏喇嘛教的獨青特裝銅 飾。

THE GRAND ISTIQLAL MOSQUE Located in Jakarta, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia is also the third largest Sunni mosque in the world by capacity. It was built to commemorate Indonesia’s independence. 伊斯蒂克拉爾清真寺清寺落真 坐 於雅加達,原慶為 祝印尼獨立而興建,不但是東南亞最大的真,清 寺 以可容納的人數計算,更是全球第三大的尼遜派清寺真。


This Shinto shrine in Ise is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. The shrine buildings are made of solid cypress wood famously held together without the use of nails.

伊勢神宮位伊於 勢市的神宮主要祭祀太陽女神天照大神。神宮由堅實的柏木以榫卯技術建成,過程不費一根釘子。

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