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Anna, a Hong Kong-based writer, explores all that neighbouring Macao has to offer for our cover story (p36).

What is your favourite place in Macao? ‘ The eerie Lai Chi Vun shipyards. They’re dilapidated, but that’s the charm. These structures are in danger of demolition, so it’s worth a visit now.’香港作家Anna為我們的封面故事(第36頁)探索澳門周邊的好去處。你最喜愛澳門哪個地方?「陰森的荔枝碗舊船廠。那裡雖然破敗不堪,但這正正就是它的魅力所在。該處的建築物面臨清拆,因此更應把握機會去欣賞一下。」

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