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Joanne is a Hong Kong-based travel writer who has been to more than 70 countries. She tells us how Xiamen has kept its heritage alive (p44). What is your favourite place in Macao?

‘I love Senado Square, with its Portuguese design, especially in the early morning before the shops open and the tourists arrive.’香港旅遊作家卓文慧曾到訪超過70個國家。她為我們介紹廈


方?「我鍾情富葡萄牙設計特色的議事亭前地,尤其是於商店還未開業和遊客尚未到訪的清晨時分。」 Paul is the co-founder and former editor of Time Out Hong Kong. He is a regular writer for our column Innovation Asia (p28). What is your favourite place in Macao? ‘O Santos restaurant in Old Taipa: great food, nice people, and Mick Jagger ate here in 2014. Satisfaction indeed.’ Paul是《Time Out Hong Kong》的創辦人之一及前任編輯,他常為我們的《創新亞洲》專欄供稿(第28頁)。你最喜愛澳門哪個地方?「位於氹仔舊城區的山度士葡式餐廳:食物美味,服務周到, Mick Jagger更曾於2014年在此用餐,果真與別不同。」

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