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WHEN IT COMES to high jewellery, no one does it quite like Graff. The sheer size of the stones the company uses is statement enough, but the brand manages to keep designs fresh, too. Inspired by spring, its current collection is a sparkling showcase in shapes such as butterflies, flowers and sunbursts – a very luxurious way to embrace the season. graff.com

說到高級珠寶, Graff絕對別樹一幟。單是所採用的大型寶石已讓人目不轉睛,但品牌依然能夠不斷推出充滿新鮮感的款式。其最新系列以春季為靈感,設計出蝴蝶、花卉及太陽光芒四射等造型的璀璨珠寶,讓你以瑰麗的姿態迎接春回大地。graff.com

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