Shanghai, China

It was a huge undertaking: 10,000 old trees and 50 heritage structures were transported to create Amanyangyun. They came from Fuzhou, 700 kilometres away, where their existence was threatened by plans to build a reservoir. A Fuzhou-born philanthropist decided to relocate part of the forest and the Ming- and Qing-dynasty buildings to a huge plot just outside Shanghai for what would become Amanyangyun. After renovations, each heritage house now features two courtyards, one with a fireplace, plus an outdoor bath. Other contemporary indulgences include an Aman Spa with two swimming pools, and six dining venues, all surrounded by the forest. In these verdant surroundings, it’s hard to imagine that Shanghai's metropolitan centre is less than an hour away.


在重新安置一萬棵古樹和50個遺跡的浩大工程之後,養雲安縵於焉誕生。這些見證歷史的舊物曾經受到撫州水庫工程威脅,於當地出生的一位慈善家決定出手相救,將部分森林和明清的兩代 古宅遷到700公里外上海近郊的塊一 土地,後來發展成為今天的養雲安縵。復修後的每一幢古宅均設有兩個庭院,其中一個設有壁爐和露天浴缸。其他現代化設施括安縵水療、兩個泳池和六間餐廳,全都被綠林懷。抱 身處蔥鬱的外世 桃源,令人將不足一小時路程外的繁華上海拋諸腦後。

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