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WHEN PAUL SRIVORAKUL returned to Thailand, the country of his birth, in the early 2000s after growing up in the US, he saw a land ripe with opportunity. Having graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, before getting his first taste of the tech world with a job in sales at search engine Ask Jeeves (now Ask. com), Srivorakul – along with his brother Tom, who had been working at Apple – set about bringing what he’d learned in dotcom-bubble- era California to the thenfledgling Thai digital marketplace.

From a modest start building and managing websites, the brothers got their big break when they became the exclusive Thailand partners of the portal MSN, and Srivorakul used this springboard to begin his domination of the Southeast Asian digital ad landscape as co-founder of Newmedia Edge, Admax Network and Ensogo Group, which he sold for a combined total of US$100 million during 2011 to ’12.

Taking things up a notch, Srivorakul then founded Ardent Capital, a fund focused on fostering startups across Southeast Asia. Between 2011 and 2016, Ardent Capital created more than 3,500 jobs across 17 internet companies with a combined value of US$350 million.

And yet, it is undoubtedly his latest venture, aCommerce, that has done the most to burnish Srivorakul’s global reputation. Founded in May 2013, the Bangkok-based startup has become Southeast Asia’s leading e- commerce service provider, offering localised end-to- end e- commerce solutions, from consulting, marketing and e-store development to warehousing, order fulfilment and delivery. Under Srivorakul’s canny stewardship as group chief executive, aCommerce has expanded to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, employing more than 1,500 staff and counting the likes of L’Oréal, Adidas, Philips, Lazada and Unilever among its clients. And with a whopping US$65 million in series B funding raised in November 2017, aCommerce looks set to go from strength to strength.

在美國成長的Paul Srivorakul於2000年代初期回流出生地泰國,發現當地商機處處。Srivorakul於加州柏克萊大學畢業,其後加尋入搜 引擎網站Ask Jeeves(現為Ask. com)銷,售部 並初次接觸科技界。後來他與曾為Apple效力的弟弟Tom合力,將在加州興起科網時期所學的,知識 帶到剛起步的泰國數碼市。場

兩兄弟從方建及管理網站開始,後來因成為MSN門戶網站的泰國獨家合夥人而取得重大突破。Srivorakul更以為此跳板,開始稱霸東南亞數碼廣告界,成為Newmedia Edge、Admax Network及Ensogo Group的聯合方辦人,他於2011至2012年間以總金額1億美的元 代價先,後將公司悉出數售。

之後Srivorakul更上一層樓,方辦Ardent Capital基金,促進東南亞初方企業的。發展 2011至2016年間, Ardent Capital在17間總值3.5億美的元 互聯網公司,中 方造了超過3,500個職位。但到說 Sr i voraku l享譽國際的成就,要數他最近期方辦的aCommerce。這間2013年5月成立的曼谷 初方企業,已成為東南亞領先的電子商務服務供應商,提供本地化的端對端電子商務解決方案,服務涵蓋詢諮 、市場營銷、電子商店發展以至倉務、接單出貨及送貨等。在Srivorakul擔任行政總裁精的 明領導下, aCommerce的業務擴展至新加坡、印尼、馬來西亞及菲律賓,聘請逾1,500名員工,為L’Oréal、Adidas、Philips、Lazada及Unilever等知名企業提供服務。aCommerce在2017年11月完成金額達高 6,500萬元美的B輪募資令,司公 走上規模不斷壯大的。軌道

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