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IN 2001, Suzhou-based firm Ecovacs created a prototype of an autonomous vacuum cleaner that resembled a missing section from an overly complicated shopping trolley. But 17 years later, the company is the proud developer of a sleek ancestor to that unfortunate-looking object: the Deebot.

The Deebot, a sleek disc that glides across your floor, is a Wi- Fi- enabled, AI-featuring, multi-speed cleaning robot. It costs about RMB 2,000, which isn’t too bad for all the fancy technology. It’s smart enough to figure out effective paths to move through in your home and comes with a mop attachment for different kinds of cleaning jobs.

Deebot’s settings can all be adjusted via an app on your phone, which also allows you to track its progress and programme it to clean at certain times, meaning you don’t even have to leave the sofa as it glides across your floors.

One of China’s leading domestic robotics companies, Ecovacs also offers window cleaning ( Winbot), mobile air purifying (Atmobot) and in-shop assisting (Benebot) robots. The Deebot and Atmobot have sold especially well in China, putting Ecovacs well on its way to cleaning up in the domestic robot market.

2001年,以蘇州為基地的科沃斯研製了自動吸塵機的雛形,外形就好像一架過份複雜的物購 車部件。但17年後,企業按照那款其貌不揚的機器原型,成功研發型出格的Deebot清潔機械。人

這部盛惠民人 幣2,000元的Deebot多段速清潔機械人,圓盤造型優雅流麗,不但可在地板上滑動,更能連接Wi- Fi和搭載人工智能,以這種美美的科輪 奐高技來說,算是物有所值。其智能科技能在家中找出最有效率的移動路徑,並附設拖把,能完成不同類型的打掃工作。

Deebot的設定一律可過透 手機的應用程式調校,應用程式亦可追蹤進度,並設定機械人在特定時間清潔。換言之,它滑地過 板進行清潔時,你甚至無需移動半分。

科沃斯貴為中國首屈一指的家居機械人品牌,亦推出抹窗機械、人 空氣淨化機械人及店內服務機械。人 Deebot及空氣淨化機械人在中國的銷情特別理想,科協助沃斯掃除家用機械市的人 場 對手。

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