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Jojie is a travel journalist, photographer and influencer living in Davao, Philippines. She lists 10 reasons to visit her home city, Cathay Dragon’s new destination (p40).

What is your favourite beach getaway? ‘San Ignacio in Manay, Philippines – think Waikiki without the tourists.’ Jojie居於菲律賓達沃,是旅遊記者、攝影師和網絡紅人。適逢國泰港龍航空開辦飛往達沃的航線,她列舉十個遊覽其家鄉的理由(第40頁)。妳最喜歡的海灘假期?「前往位於菲律賓Manay省的小城San Ignacio,那裡就像威基基海灘,但人煙稀少。」

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