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A new bridge and railway bring southern China’s cities even closer


It’s a major transport hub in the Greater Bay Area, but there’s another side to Zhongshan – and it’s beautiful. The city is compared to one of China’s prettiest towns in an old saying: ‘ The north has Suzhou, the south has Zhongshan.’ To experience a picturesque site, head to Zhan Garden in Beitai Village. Constructed in 1998, the garden is the largest privately owned classical garden in the Lingnan region. The owner built the verdant site with three themed zones as a retirement residence for his mother, and it’s open for all to enjoy. The owner sought out all kinds of old materials throughout China including tiles, bricks, doors and windows for use in its structures, and meticulously built the Huzhou Shan ecological reserve, where plants form a relaxing haven for visitors to unwind among pavilions and lakes.

Meanwhile, film buffs can head to Zhongshan Movie & Television Town, a place that is seen on big and small screens across China. It’s situated next to the former residence of Sun Yat-sen (who is called ‘Zhongshan’ in Chinese), and some of its film sets mimic the revolutionary era and the streets of old Guangzhou. The rest of the complex is divided into zones, each made to look like China, Japan, the UK and the US. The sets used for several successful Chinese TV dramas still stand and, coupled with an exhibition hall, show off the craft of set design. It’s an attraction that combines architecture, design and showbiz.

Getting to Zhongshan

Take the ferry from Hong Kong. It takes 70-90 minutes from the HKIA Sky Pier, China Ferry Terminal and the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal. 中山不但是大灣區重要的交通樞紐,更擁有迷人風光。:有云 「北有蘇州園,林 南有中山詹園。」來到中山,當然要探訪這座位於北台村的雅致花園。建於1998年的園詹 是嶺南地區最大的私家古林典園,是當年園主為了讓母養親頤 天年所建的居所,園內一共劃分為三個區域,現已開放予公眾參觀。園主造園時跑遍大江南北,搜集民間古磚古瓦、古門古窗等材,料 還打造湖洲山生態區。園內亭台水榭,綠樹成蔭,是遊客放鬆的好地方。

至於影視迷則不容錯過知名影視拍攝基地中山影視城。位於孫中山故居旁的影視城內,有部分場景重現了革命時期的景物,以及舊廣州的市井風情。影視城內另設有中國、日本、英國及美國主題景區,留保 了多部著名電視劇的拍攝場景,還有薈萃各方建築藝術精華的展覽廳,令此地成為集旅遊觀光、教育和影視娛樂於一身的主題文化旅遊景。點


由海運天客 碼頭、中國客運碼頭或港澳碼頭乘客輪前往,船程為70至90分鐘

The finer points Zhan Garden was built with antique materials collected across China (above); a film set at Zhongshan Movie & Television Town (below)精緻景點詹以園 搜羅自中國各地的古董建材建造而成(上圖) ;中山影視城內其中一個拍攝場景(下圖)

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