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Sure, there’s the shiny Huafa Mall in Zhuhai’s Nanping town to browse all your favourite international brands. But just a 10-minute walk will take you to Beishan Village, where the city slows right down. Standing amid glass- clad skyscrapers, the area’s arty vibe is a welcome escape.

The neighbourhood is home to Beishan Art District, which encompasses Beishan Art Center, a prime hipster hangout. The structure is a beautifully restored, century- old village temple, and within its walls you’ll now find little shops, restaurants and outdoor cafes. The venue frequently hosts events such as art exhibitions and music festivals, the biggest being Beishan Music Festival, a celebration of world music and jazz.

Nearby, the East Meets West Cultural and Creative Industrial Park is a space for music, design, fashion and art exhibitions and performances. Converted from an old residence, the complex includes a Republic- era theatre. The stage is still there, but the airy space has been given a new lease of life as a shop overseen by prominent Xiamen brand Goodone. The company is known for its vintage items and, like much of Beishan, transports visitors back to another era.

Getting to Zhuhai

Option 1: Take the Hong Kong-ZhuhaiMacau Bridge. A bus ride from Hong Kong to Zhuhai will take about an hour.

Option 2: Take a 70-minute ferry from Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, China Ferry Terminal or HKIA Sky Pier. 沒,錯 珠海南屏鎮有一座售賣各大國際品牌的型格場商 華發商都,只步但 消 行十分鐘,你便會來到一處名為北山村的世桃外源。的這裡 時間過得特別緩慢,縱使被高樓圍,的該區 藝術氛圍無疑為大眾提供了一個遠離煩囂的好去處。

村的內 北山大院藝術文化區設有北山藝術中心,吸引了許多潮流達人聚集。藝術中心由一座經過精心修復的百年古村寺廟改建而成,遊可客 到這裡的小商店、餐廳和露天咖啡館消磨時光。此外,這裡每年都會舉辦藝術展及音樂節,當中規模最大的活動是以世界音樂及爵士樂為主題的「北山音樂節」。

附近的北山中西文化創意產業園則洋溢濃厚的文藝氣息,園內設有展覽及表演空,間 為遊客帶來音樂、、設計 時裝及藝術的體驗。建築群由多座古宅改建而成, 於括建 民國時期的北戲山 院。的戲院 舞台留被保 了下來,的廈門 工藝品品牌「方物倉」已入駐其廣闊的室內空,間賦並予戲院新生。命 品牌以賣古售 復 精品聞名,與北山村一樣讓遊客緬懷方時代的美好。




Retro vibes Goodone, a shop inside East Meets West Cultural and Creative Industrial Park (right); Beishan Music Festival (below) is a major event at Beishan Village (bottom)復古氛圍北山中西文化創意產業園內的店「鋪 舊物倉」(右圖) ;北山音樂下節( 圖)是北山村(最下圖)舉辦的大型活動之一

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