Check the latest news and offers, flight schedules, your flight status and redeem Asia Miles at cathaypacific. com, or contact Cathay Dragon Reservations in Hong Kong at +852 2747 3333. For other countries, local reservations office contacts are listed on our website.

MANAGE YOUR BOOKING Visit cathaypacific. com/ manage

mybooking to view your flight itinerary, travel alerts, reserve a seat from an interactive seat map or reserve a special meal. You can also update your contact details to receive pre-flight reminders for check-in and alerts for flight status changes, view entertainment guides and pre-order duty free items ahead of time.


Apart from our airport counters, you can also choose to check in via one of the following:

Online Check-In: You can check in and select your seat on an interactive seat map at between 48 hours and 90 minutes prior to flight departure and print your boarding pass, or send a mobile boarding pass to your mobile phone where applicable. See our website for a list of airports that accept these passes. Upon arrival at the airport, you can drop your baggage at the dedicated self checkin bag drop counter. If you do not have baggage to check in, you can proceed directly to immigration. Mobile App Check- in: Fly easier by checking in with our app for iOS and Android devices. Your mobile boarding passes are automatically downloaded and you can use them while offline. On the app, you can check in for yourself or for a group and view the cabin layout to choose your seats. Download the app at Self Check-In Kiosks: You can check in

or scan your passport at our self check-in kiosks to print your boarding pass. Please refer to our website for a list of airports with kiosk service.

In-Town Check- In: In Hong Kong, passengers taking the Airport Express can check in between 24 hours and 90 minutes prior to flight departure at our counters at Hong Kong Station or Kowloon Station. In-Town Check-In is also available in Kuala Lumpur.


Cathay Dragon’s check-in desks close 40 minutes prior to departure. However, closing time may vary slightly at some

airports. Be sure to arrive at boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time to avoid unnecessary delays. Late passengers will not be accepted and boarding gate will be closed 10 minutes prior to departure.

CHILDREN FLYING ALONE Children aged 6 to 12 must be registered as an unaccompanied minor unless they are travelling with a person aged 18 or over. Contact our reservations office in advance or visit for more details. ONBOARD CUISINE

If you have special dietary requirements, visit cathaypacific. com/ manage

mybooking to select your special meal, or contact your local Cathay Dragon reservations office at least 24 hours before departure. Due to hygiene concerns, our cabin crew will not be able to re-heat or chill any personal food items you bring onboard for consumption. We suggest you pack any food requiring refrigeration in either a cool bag or a vacuum flask.


Eyeshades and earplugs are available upon request.


If you have any comments about our ground or inflight service, please ask one of the flight attendants for a comments form or use our feedback form on our website.


您可於國泰港龍網站cathaypacific.com查閱最新消息及優惠、國泰港龍航班的時間表、航班的出發及抵達狀況,以及兌換「亞洲萬里通」積分。在香港的乘客可致電國泰港龍航空訂位部: +852 2747 3333,從其他國家出發的乘客,請參照國泰港龍網站內提供的資料聯絡當地辦事處。


登入國泰港龍網站cathaypacific. com/ managemybooking後,您便可查閱預訂航班資料、與行程相關的旅遊警示、利用座位表揀選座位、選擇特別餐膳,以及更新您的聯絡資料,以便收到有關航班預辦登機提示電郵及航班的更新資料、預覽機上娛樂及預訂免稅商品。



, 獨自乘搭飛機的兒童

乘客如需要眼罩及耳塞,請向機艙服務員索取。 若您對國泰港龍航空之地勤或機上服務有任何意見,請向機艙服務員索取意見表格,或使用我們網站內的網上意見表格。 自助登機專櫃:乘客可於已設置自助登機專櫃的機場預辦登機服務、或掃描您的護照以列印登機證。要知道有設置自助登機專櫃的機場,請瀏覽國泰港龍網站內提供的資訊。市區預辦登機:乘搭機場快綫的離港旅客可於航班起飛前24小時,或航班起飛前不少於90分鐘於機場快綫香港站或九龍站預先辦理登機手續。國泰港龍航空亦於吉隆坡提供市區預辦登機手續服務。


所有國泰港龍辦理登機手續櫃檯於航機起飛時間40分鐘前停止辦公,但停止辦公時間亦可能因應個別機場而稍有差異。輕鬆踏上旅程,避免不必要的延誤,請於航班啟航前至少30分鐘抵達登機閘口,遲到的乘客將不予登機。閘口會於起飛前10分鐘關閉,敬請留意。 年滿6歲至12歲的小童在沒有18歲或以上的旅客陪同的情況下乘搭飛機,必須已登記為獨自乘搭飛機的未成年人。請提早安排有關登記,詳情請聯絡國泰港龍航空訂位部或瀏覽。


如乘客有需要選擇特別的餐膳,可於航班起飛前至少24小時登入cathaypacific. com/managemybooking或聯絡當地的國泰港龍航空訂位部揀選您的特別餐膳。基於衛生理由,機艙服務員將不會為任何攜帶登機食用的個人食品重新加熱或冷藏。我們建議乘客將需要冷藏的食品放置於保冷袋或真空瓶內。

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