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Souvenirs near sacred monuments

EDGING PATAN DURBAR SQUARE, one of Nepal’s most prominent historical sites, is this street filled with markets. The shopping area is an integral part of the city, with locals and tourists alike picking up souvenirs and homewares. It’s the ideal place to pick up paintings depicting the traditional lifestyle, crafts such as textiles and masks, and clothing items.

SWOTHA ROAD 大道巿集林立,位於帕坦皇宮廣場,亦即尼泊爾其中一個最享負盛名的古蹟邊緣。這條大道是購物勝地,亦是加德滿都的重鎮,不少居民和遊客前來選購紀念品和家庭用品。如想購買傳統畫作、紡織物和面具等工藝品與衣飾,這裡是你的不二之選。

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