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Travel smarter with our Asia events guide 節目預覽 助你掌握未來數月亞洲盛事的指南

The Culture Vulture recommends: A wish for luck What: Huong Pagoda Festival When: 19 Feb-19 May Where: Hanoi, Vietnam

This Buddhist festival brings hundreds of thousands to Huong Pagoda. For three months, visitors head to the complex’s caves and temples as they seek good fortune. 文化愛好者建議活動:祈求幸運活動︰香寺廟會



The Naturalist recommends: A romantic walk

What: Wondong Maehwa Festival

When: Mar Where: Gyeongsangnam- do, South Korea

For the coming cherry blossom season, consider South Korea. This site, a short drive from Busan, blooms white and pink in March, and it’s far less crowded than many other blossom destinations in Asia. 自然主義者建議活動:浪漫之徑活動︰梁山院洞梅花節日期︰3月地點︰南韓慶尚南道

春暖花開,不妨到南韓賞花。從釜山駕車,很快便可抵達慶尚南道。這裡的白色及粉紅色梅花會在3月盛開,人潮亦不像亞洲其他賞花勝地般擁擠。 The Sportsperson recommends: Electric speed What: Hong Kong E-Prix When: 9, 10 Mar Where: Hong Kong

Formula E, the world’s biggest electric- car racing series, returns to Hong Kong’s streets, bringing high-speed action as well as pavilions with themes ranging from technology to luxe dinners. 愛好運動人士建議活動:電動競速活動︰電動方程式賽車香港站日期︰3月至9 10日



The Foodie recommends: Chewy tradition

What: Mochitsuki Festival

When: 13 Jan Where: Yokohama, Japan

At New Year, communities across Japan pound mochi, quite literally. In Yokohama, this festival features the rice cake, with a giant pot of mixed stew cooked on-site and divided among spectators. 饕客建議活動:煙韌傳統活動︰搗年糕大會日期︰1月日13地點︰日本橫濱


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