Check out these spots on Pier-2 Art Center探索駁二藝術特區

SilkRoad - - CONTENTS 目錄 - 好,的大義C8-15倉庫這家商店售賣精心製作的禮品,並舉辦木工和肥皂製作等工作坊。

A cultural hub in former warehouses 高雄購物樂 由倉庫改建而成的文化樞紐

PO_I BESPOKE DaYi C7-3 Warehouse

Come here for clothing and accessories with custom embroidered graphics or initials.



DaYi C8-15 Warehouse

This shop sells well-made gift products and offers workshops on woodworking, soap-making and more.

SUMMER ART GARAGE DaYi C8-17 Warehouse

Find car-themed art and collectibles curated by the car enthusiast shop owner.夏天藝術車庫大義C8-17倉庫這家文創小店的老闆是一位汽車藝術家,店內全是以汽車為題的畫作及收藏品。

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