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ONLINE MARKETPLACE Tokopedia boasts a staggering four million merchants.

Launched in 2009, the venture is now one of Indonesia’s four ‘unicorns’ and has enabled millions of small business owners across the country to sell their goods, even from their own home. Indeed, 89 percent of sellers on Tokopedia do not own a physical store and 70 percent of merchants are first-time entrepreneurs.

It was co-founded by William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison, who faced a battle to get funding at a time when the startup scene in Jakarta was nascent. Now, however, the company is often referred to as Indonesia’s Alibaba. In fact, the Chinese e- commerce behemoth has invested US$1.1 billion in Tokopedia, with Softbank and Sequoia Capital also among the company’s investors.

Tanuwijaya was recognised in 2016 as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He proclaims on the organisation’s website that Tokopedia ‘is the most beautiful business model in the world, because its success relies on helping others to succeed as well’. The website now has a digital goods section where consumers can buy tickets to events, pay bills and buy travel tickets. However, the focus remains on individual sellers. And the company’s mission has not wavered. As Tanuwijaya has said, Tokopedia is setting out to ‘democratise commerce through technology’.

網上市集Tokopedia雲集400萬商戶,陣容鼎盛。Tokopedia於2009年成立,現時已晉身為印尼四大「獨角獸公司」之一,全國數以百萬計的小店店主即使足不出戶,亦透此可過 平台出售商品。Tokopedia有89%賣均家 無實體店,而七成商戶為首次創業人士。

這個網上市集由William Tanuwijaya與Leontinus Alpha Edison共同創開立, 業之初由初公在, 於創 司 雅加達只是新興概念,所以二人的集資過程極為艱鉅。時至今日,這家公司已搖身一變,成為眾人口中的「印尼阿里巴巴」。事實上,電中國子商貿巨擘阿里巴巴已向Tokopedia注入11億元金美 資 。Softbank及紅杉資本亦為該公的司投資者。

Tanuwijaya於2016年獲世界經濟論壇選為「全球青年領袖」。他在Tokopedia的網站宣稱公司「是世界上最美好的業務模型,因為其成功道於之 在 協助他人一起成功該。」 網站現時設有電子商品欄目,讓消可活費者 購買 動門票、支付單帳 及購買機票,但業務仍以個人商戶為主。司公的使命始終不變,如Ta n u w i j ay a所言, Tokopedia致力「透過科技讓每一個人都有機會經營生意」。

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