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The Culture Vulture

recommends: A street bash What: Chingay Parade When: 15, 16 Feb Where: Singapore

Soak in the fanfare of Singapore’s huge annual street procession. This year it will include a 270-metre-long painting, along with multiethnic cultural performances and fireworks. 文化愛好者建議活動:街頭巡遊活動︰妝藝大遊行日期︰2月至日15 16地點︰新加坡


The Naturalist

recommends: Big flames What: Jeju Fire Festival When: 7-10 Mar Where: Jeju, South Korea

This fiery event is a prayer ritual for a good harvest in the coming year. Apart from big flames, visitors enjoy music shows, sample traditional Jeju food and ogle firework displays. 自然主義者建議活動:篝火晚會活動︰濟州野火節日期︰3月至7 10日地點︰南韓濟州


The Sportsperson

recommends: Hanging tough What: Great Eastern Viper Challenge Night Trak When: 23 Feb Where: Sepang, Malaysia

Test your fitness levels and determination at Sepang International Circuit, where participants take on 12 obstacles on an 8.5-kilometre route under the night sky.


活動︰Great Eastern Viper Challenge Night Trak障礙賽日期︰2月日23地點︰馬來西亞雪邦縣


The Foodie

recommends: Shell shocks What: Miyajima Oyster Festival When: 9, 10 Feb Where: Miyajima, Japan

Held at Miyajima Pier, this festival features fried oysters, oyster pancakes ( okonomiyaki), oyster stew and more dishes made with the bivalve. Affordable prices are part of the attraction. 饕客建議活動:「蠔」門盛宴活動︰宮島牡蠣節日期︰2月至9 10日地點︰日本宮島


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