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influx of residents in China’s cities expected to continue for the next few decades, the challenges of housing, urban development and especially public transportation are more pressing than ever. That’s where Guo Jianguo comes in, presiding over Zhengzhou Tiamaes Technology, a company that provides a range of smart transportation solutions for bus systems, from electric vehicle supercharging stations to GPS vehicle monitoring, smart payment systems and onboard video systems.

In 2016, Guo was named ‘Person of the Year in Innovations’ by the Henan government, in recognition of the products and services from his company that are being used not just in Zhengzhou but nationwide. Appropriately, Guo started his career at the Zhengzhou tram company as a quality control inspector, later becoming a researcher at the Zhengzhou Bus Communication Corporation.

Guo, who became president of Tiamaes in 2014, has vowed to ‘push forward the transportation sector’ in China by committing considerable resources to research and development, improving public transit technology via big data, AI, blockchain and 5G mobile solutions. In March 2018, his company announced a partnership with Chinese internet giant Tencent to introduce bus fare payments via WeChat.

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