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THE FIRST TIME I saw Duckweed was during Chinese New Year holidays, when I was in my hometown, Qingdao. It’s a comedy about a professional rally racer who magically travels back in time and becomes friends with the younger version of his father. I watched it with my family at a sold- out show, and I can still recall how much the audience laughed.

I am friends with Han Han, the prominent novelist who directed the film. We’d often get together and chat about cinema. I was amazed when I saw the movie and surprised that a novelist could be so adept at film language and have such a good grasp of pacing. The entire film is hilarious and brilliantly conceived, with vivid characters that are well fleshedout. It’s an advanced piece of film-making. To be honest, it made me quite jealous.

Another reason I like it is Han included music and clips from the original 1986 version of A Better Tomorrow, a film that I’m a huge fan of. In fact, when I told him I was remaking A Better Tomorrow, he said one thing: ‘ There are only two people in this world who can make this film: one is me, and the other is you.’

That’s why I asked Han to do a cameo in A Better Tomorrow 2018. In that scene, Ray Ma, who plays a police officer, commandeers a car and pulls the driver out. The driver, played by Han, offers to take the wheel, but the police officer says, ‘No way, because you have terrible driving skills.’ Everyone knows that Han is actually a professional rally driver in real life, so I added that line as an inside joke.


我跟這部電影的導演韓寒是好朋友, 我們經常一起聊一些關於電影的事。他是個很有才華的導演和小說家,我非常欣賞他。我看這部電影時,有種驚艷的感覺;我完全沒有想到,一個作家能夠如此嫻熟地掌握電影語言和節奏。整部電影有很多幽默惹笑的場面,情節設計精采,裡面的人物性格鮮明,有血有肉。我認為這是一部很高明很出色的電影,我很妒忌他。

我喜歡這部電影的另一個原因,是韓寒在片中加插了1986 年原版《英雄本色》的配樂和片段,因為我很喜歡那部電影。當年我快要重拍《英雄本色》時,他跟我講過一句話:「世上只有兩個人能拍這部片,一個是我,另一個是你。」

因為這個緣故,我請韓寒在《英雄本色 2018》客串一角。那一場戲講馬天宇飾演的警察將一輛車截停,將司機拉出車外。那個司機就是韓寒,他對警察說:「我可以幫你開車。」但是警察說:「不行,你的駕駛技術太差了。」人人都知道韓寒本人是專業拉力賽車手,所以我加了這句對白,幽他一默。

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