SilkRoad : 2019-01-01

ENTERTAINMENT 娛樂 : 82 : 82


Ding Sheng, Saving Mr Wu, Railroad Tigers A Better Tomorrow 2018 FIND THE CRITICS’ CHOICE SECTION IN MOVIE ON THE INTERACTIVE MENU Duckweed, Bel Canto, We the Animals White Boy Rick. 請於互動選單的電影部分搜尋「影迷至愛」 JANUARY 2019 SILKROAD and 選片人 : ,《解救吾先生》、《鐵道飛虎》及《英雄本色 2018》的導演 丁晟 OUR CRITIC: director of The Critics’ Choice section rounds up some of the best-reviewed and overlooked films onboard. Every month, we ask an expert to recommend films to passengers. This month’s movies include and「影迷至愛」從機上放映的電影中,搜羅備受好評的作品與滄海遺珠,然後每月邀請一位專家,向乘客推介一部電影。本月推介的電影括《乘風破浪》、《美聲人質》、《We the Animals》《及 White Boy Rick》。

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