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Study on the Formation Mechanism and Spatial Regularity of the Circle-core Structure Mode in Urban

Central District / Yang Junyan 04 The Influence of Public Space Design on Behaviors of Elderly People in Dementia Special Care Unit :A Case

Study of Two Elderly Care Facilities in Beijing / Li Jiajing, Zhou Yanmin 10 Deconstruction and Conservation of Defensible Space at Fortress Settlements:

The case of Lengquan Village / Zheng Xu, Wang Xin 19 Design and Practice on Culture Inheritance of Vernacular Architecture in Bomi, Tibet / Lu Qi, Lin Lin 25

Study on History and Art Characteristics of Guanzhong Donghu Garden / Jia Lingli, Qiu Jian 32 A Study on the Vernacular-culture-based Planning and Construction of a Hakka Cultural Tourist Town

/ Zhang Wei, Qi Ping, Jia Jiande, etc 38 Characteristics of Carpentry Work's on Pavilion with Xieshan-style Roof in Gardens of Suzhou

from Ming and Qing Dynasties / Cai Jun, Jiang Shuai 45 Reflections of County-level City Planning Reform from a Comprehensive Planning Perspective: the Planning

Practice of Zengcheng, Guangdong / Gong Weixia, Zhang Hongou 50 Modern Evolution and Research Value of Construction Features of Tibetan Dwellings at Aba County :

The Case of Wow-Mart Iron Dome Village / Cao Yong 56 Research in Conservation Planning Strategies of Guangzhou Changzhou Island Historic Area

/ Wang Jianjun, Sun Yongsheng 62 Rituals and Regulations of Traditional Color Paintings on Architecture in Taiwan

/ Tang Xiaoxiang, Li Shuyi 68 On the Organic Renewal of Traditional Residential Buildings in the Ancient City of Zhangzhou

in South Fujian / Wang Shaosen, Zhao Yamin 75 Social Reform and Space Design:the Creation of Canton Y.M.C.A. Building in China

/ Peng Changxin, Peng Xiaoguang, Tian Yi 82 Recreation Constraints and Planning Countermeasures:A Case Study of Suzhou / Chen Yu 88

Architectural Feature Analysis of Halls in North Guangdong / Bi Xiaofang, Cheng Jianjun 94 Comparative Analysis of Residential Forms of Traditional Dwellings and Surrounding Dwellings in Alxa

/ Chen Ping, Kang Jinrun 100 Toward Le Corbusier : Personality analysis of Young Le Corbusier( 1917-1933)

/ Mo Zhejuan, Wang Shifu 106 Research on the Optimal Orientation of Residential Buildings in Wuhan Area, from the Perspective of the Total Energy Consumption of Heating and Air Conditioning of Buildings

/ Li Yunjiang, Li Yibin, Zhang Hui 114 Review on Research Progress of Urban Fringe Villages in Pearl River Delta Region / Ma Hang 117 From Accumulation to Compactness: Study on Distribution Characteristics of Residential Buildings in Catchment Area of MTR Stations / Yin Ziyuan 122

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