Topic: Research on Vernacular and Traditional Architecture

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Considerations On Some Questions of Traditional Villages Research / Zhu Liangwen 04

The Dynamic Organic Renewal of Hakka's Walled-villages: A Case Study on Louzai Village in Yingde City, Guangdong / Wang Zhu, Xu Danhua, Wang Dan, etc. 10

The Starting Point of Vernacular Architecture Research in China ? / Pan Ying, Shi Ying 16 Study Cultural Aesthetic Connotation of Decoration in Traditional Vernacular Architecture in South Fujian:

Take the Stone Carving in Fu Xing Tang for Example / Zheng Huiming 21 Research on Ancestral Halls of Guangfu Clan in Lianzhou Province in Qing Dynasty / Xie Xiaoying, Li You 26 Study on Spatial Feature of Multi-ethnic Settlement in Multiscale on the South Bank of the Yuanjiang River

/ Yang Yuliang, Luo Deyin, Sun Na 34 Present Situation and Prospect of Protection of Traditional Residence in Yongning

/ Yao Li, Li Zhen, Guo Xin, etc. 40 Study on the Landscape Protection and Utilization of Ancient Village in Huadulangtou, Guangzhou

/ Chen Leijing 47 Creative Destruction and Commercia Lization of Traditional Villages: Likeng, Wangkou, and Jiangwan in Wuyuan, China / Zhang Jing 55 Discussion of the Ritual and Space in Xiqin Guild Hall Theater Based on Trade Gods Worship

/ Wang Ying, Li Xiaofeng 63 The Chronological Characteristics of the Column Bases in Guangfu Cultural Region

/ Chen Dan, Cheng Jianjun 70 Investigation Analysis and Policy Recommendations of Rural Living Environmental in Guangdong Province

/ Zhou You, Zhou Jianyun, Huang Zuhuang 78 Study on Integrated Design of Railway Station Secondary Square Area: The Case Study of SHENYANG North Station North Square Area Space Renewal / Qiu Xun 84 Post Planning Evaluation of the New Railway Station: the Empirical Analysis and Interpretation of New-type Railway Station Planning in China / Cui Xu, Shen Zhongwei, Zhang Xueyuan, etc. 91 Research of Station Square Landscape Based on Traffic Streamline:Case Study of Chengdu Railway Station

/ Tang Yi 95 Preliminary Discussion on the Development of Modern Hospital Buildings in Guangzhou

/ Zhang Chunyang, SUNBING 100 Analysis of Correlation between Pupils'after-school Action Path and Urban Space Based on GIS Data Processing, Take the After-school Activities Survey for Pupils in Hefei as an Example

/ Wei Qiong, Jia Yuzhizi, Li Zao, etc. 108 Discovery & Transformation: the Teaching Exploration of Urban Residential Building Design Course

Based on Issue Driven / Huang Jing, Jia Xinfeng 114 Comparison Between the Seven Principles of Modern Architecture and the Creative Spirit of Chinese Traditional Landscape Architecture / Bi Yangyang, Tian Peng, Wang Xiaoyan, etc. 119 Rain Garden Construction of University Campus Based on Landscape Information Modeling (LIM)

/ Lai Wenbo, Jiang lu 124

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