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Exploring Green Building Development / Xiao Dawei, Xu Jihang 04 Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Green Buildings in Hot Summer and Warm Winter Zone

/ Liu Yanchen, Lin Borong, Hong Jiajie 08 Theory Tracing and Strategy Studies of Ecological Urban Design from a Green Perspective

/ Zang Xinyu, Wang Qiao, Chen Tian 14 Research Progress of Local Climate Zones and Its Applications in Urban Planning

/ Chen Kai, Tang Yan 21 Pocket Park Design in High-density Urban Areas :A Case Study of Pocket Park Design in Shanghai

Chenghuangmiao District / Wang Yuncai, Yang Mei, Feng Chaoyang 29 The “Climate Positive” Urban Planning Roadmap for Chinese Cities / Stanley YIP 34 Retrospect on Eco-city Construction and Green Building Development in Shanghai

/ Chen Yi, Deng Wu 40 BIM-based LCA and LCC Study on Small Scale Energy Efficient Buildings

/ Li Qiyuan, Yang Xiangqun, Yang Wei 45 A Green Building is a Higher-Quality Building / Zhang Lin, Liu Hongjuan 51 A Research on the Application of Low Energy Consumption Technologies in Rural Houses in

Jiangnan Water Towns / Yang Weiju, Gao Qing 56 Energy-saving Strategy Analysis of Building Envelope of Urban Elevated Railway Station Halls in Guangzhou / Li Xiaoge, Zheng Lintao, Jin Rong, etc 62

Campus Planning of Vocational Colleges in Japan / Liu Yulong, Qu Xiaoyu, Ai Xing, etc 66 Spatial Morphology Evolution and Developing Mechanisms: a Case Study of Commercial Spaces in Zhuangyuanfang Traditional Urban Block in Guangzhou / Deng Shushan, Cai Meng, Tian Yinsheng 72 Development Demand and Economic Compensation of "Agricultural Land Protection Villages" in Pearl River Delta: A Case Study of Pingsha Village in Nanhai District of Foshan

/ Wei Lihua, Cong Yanguo, Wei Cheng, etc 79 Research and Practice of Planning and Design of Urban District Culture and Sports Parks

/ Xue Shaorui, Peng Tao 86 Interpretation of the Meaning of Rail Transit Mixed-use Development under the Concept of

Compact City / Niu Shaofei, Shen Zhongwei, Liu Shaoyu 92

Applications of "Intensification Mode" in Primary and Secondary School Designs

/ Huang Feixi 97 Study of Regular Educational Space Composition in Schools for Mentally Impaired Children

/ Zhang Yi, Tang Zhaohui 102 Behavior Analysis of Independent Living Elders in Winter and Space Optimization

in Senior Living Facilities in Shenyang / Qu Yi, Wang Zhaoqi, LǔQi 106

Geometrical Forms, Laws of Perspective and Views of Nature / Yan Peipei, Li Xue, Tian Peng, etc 112 An Exploration on the Construction of "Heritage Trail" in Guangzhou University Town

/ Zhang Jiaying, Tang Guohua 117 Formal Characteristics of the Arcade Eaves Walls on Zhuhai Road in the City of Beihai

/ Mo Xianfa 123

GREEN BUILDING Urban and rUral PLaNNING research on DEsIGN architectUral ForUM

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