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Special Focus - - Contents - Wu Kun 吴昆

My three- year wed­ding an­niver­sary was com­ing up in a cou­ple of days and I wanted to buy my wife a present to sur­prise her. Dur­ing the day, though, I’m at work and af­ter work my wife has an eye on what I do. So I have no time what­so­ever to do any­thing else.

I thought of ask­ing my boss for a day off. Yet con­sid­er­ing all my an­nual leave had been used up, my only op­tion was to feign ill­ness. You know, a flu or cold couldn’t ex­actly come on overnight, and that ex­cuse wouldn’t melt the boss. So I de­cided to pre­tend I’d sprained my an­kle and couldn’t walk. This way I’d be able to get the day off without a hitch.

The next morn­ing I gave my boss a call and told him that I’d ac­ci­dently sprained my an­kle on my way home from work last night. I told him that it was pretty bad, that I couldn’t even walk on it, so I wouldn’t be able to go into the of­fice to­day and he con­sented. My plan worked, I got what I wanted. I went to some big malls try­ing to pick out a gift for my wife, spend­ing the whole day hem­ming and haw­ing over. Though it was ex­haust­ing, I found some­thing in the end and I guess my ef­forts were not in vain.

As soon as I went to work the next day, my boss called me into his of­fice and said, “Wu, yes­ter­day you said you sprained your an­kle but you were fak­ing it, weren’t you? If you wanted the day off, just ask, but ly­ing is un­ac­cept­able.” I sat there ab­so­lutely ashamed, apol­o­giz­ing to my boss for what I did, but I just couldn’t fig­ure out how he knew that I was pre­tend­ing.

My Boss con­tin­ued, “Never mind it. It’s just that your pub­lic WeChat sports pro­file showed you walked 25,000 steps yes­ter­day. If you had sprained your an­kle, there’d be no way you could have walked that much.”

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, Novem­ber 29, 2017. Trans­la­tion: Sam Bow­den)

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