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Chen has a bad tem­per and to add to it, she’s a bit of a hot­head. She works as a man­ager at a com­pany and al­ways finds these lit­tle things to latch on to be­cause be­fore she un­der­stands the en­tirety of what’s go­ing on, she’d start to cuss peo­ple out. The few peo­ple that work un­der her are of­ten left at a to­tal loss.

We all know about her tem­per, and at heart she’s not a bad per­son, but the thing is, her hus­band is the county mayor. No­body dares to mess with her.

To­day, Chen was as peace­ful asa bar­rel of gun pow­der all day long, with­out the hint of ex­plo­sion. She spent the whole morn­ing qui­etly flip­ping through the pa­per. When all of a sud­den, we heard a loud scream, “Wah!” and she was left ly­ing face up on the sofa.

A bunch of us work­ing nearby were all shocked. We ran in sur­round­ing her, pinch­ing and pok­ing at her try­ing to bring her back to con­scious­ness.

Quickly, she came to, open­ing her eyes and sob­bing wildly.

At once, we all asked her what hap­pened.

“My, Wang Changyuan, died on the job, how can I pos­si­bly go on?” Chen was cry­ing, point­ing at the news­pa­per, “Look, there was a re­port of a car ac­ci­dent, the three peo­ple in the minibus all died… This morn­ing Wang Changyuan said that the three of them were go­ing to go to the coun­try­side,” she moaned, “the pa­per says, the iden­ti­ties of the de­ceased have al­ready been con­firmed…”

Li took a look and said, “Chen, this is yes­ter­day’s pa­per.”

Chen im­me­di­ately stopped sob­bing, “It can’t be, Wang Changyuan was fine this morn­ing. Who’s start­ing these ru­mors?”

We picked up the pa­per and looked at the re­port: There was an ac­ci­dent on some sec­tion of some road where a semi- trailer truck col­lided with a minibus. The three pas­sen­gers of the minibus were all killed, and the iden­ti­ties of the de­ceased have al­ready been con­firmed. The county mayor Wang Changyuan….

Chen was point­ing right at that spot say­ing, “Look, isn’t the name writ­ten there Wang Changyuan? Who’s put­ting out this fake news?”

Ev­ery­one looked at the pa­per and burst into laugh­ter. Li said, “Chen, you’ve got to calm down. Look closer, what it re­ally says is: county mayor Wang Changyuan, vice county mayor Liao Xikun and po­lice chief Liu Bing­tian gave the mat­ter their top pri­or­ity act­ing as first re­spon­ders to di­rect and deal with the onsite work.”

( From NewMorn­ingPost , Jan­uary 4, 2018. Trans­la­tion: Sam Bow­den)

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