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We have a fam­ily rule: no­body is al­lowed to play with their cell phone in front of the chil­dren. My son is al­ready thirty- four, and I never play with my phone in front of him.

— Zheng Yuan­jie, chil­dren’s au­thor



In the past we al­ways talked about “not stop­ping till hav­ing reached the Yel­low River and not turn­ing back un­til hit­ting the south­ern wall.” But that’s not me. I will not give up even if I reach the Yel­low River. I would prob­a­bly just build a bridge to cross it. If I hit the south­ern wall, I wouldn’t turn back ei­ther. I’d just find a lad­der and climb over it.

—Wang Jian­lin, CEO of Dalian Wanda Group



There’s no need in life to con­stantly mea­sure your­self by the rulers that other peo­ple have given you.

—Wu Danru, au­thor



The real death is that no one in the world remembers you.

—A line from the film Coco 真正的死亡是世界上再没有一 个人记得你。——电影《寻梦环游记》台词

The so- called “mar­riage,” is some­times re­ally lov­ing some­one and some­times want­ing to shoot them to death. Most of the time when you’re on your way to buy a gun, you see his/her fa­vorite food and buy it, com­pletely for­get­ting to buy a gun. You re­turn home and af­ter a few days you re­al­ize, you still need to buy a gun…

—Li Guo­qing, CEO of Dang­dang Group


——当当网CEO 李国庆

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