Fried Lo­tus Root Sand­wich


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Fried lo­tus root sand­wich is a tra­di­tional dish orig­i­nated from Hubei Prov­ince. What makes it spe­cial is that dur­ing the fry­ing process, the fla­vor of the lo­tus and the meat will blend to­gether, and give the whole dish a spe­cial sa­vor.


1 piece of lo­tus root, 1 lump of streaky pork, 1 egg, some starch, some salad oil, 4 grams of salt, 5 grams of scal­lion, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of cook­ing wine, 5 grams of light soy sauce, a lit­tle oys­ter sauce, flour, corn­starch, wa­ter, spiced salt.


1. Grind the streaky pork.

2. Add salt, scal­lion, ginger, cook­ing wine, light soy sauce, and oys­ter sauce into the ground meat and stir in one di­rec­tion.

3. Peel the lo­tus root and wash it. Then chop it into pieces, mak­ing each piece about 0.6 cen­time­ters thick. After that, make a cut into the mid­dle of each thick piece but do not cut through. The depth of each cut should be about 2/3 of that piece of lo­tus root.

4. Stuff each lo­tus root sand­wich with ground meat and press the sides to­gether lightly to re­move ex­cess ground meat.

5. Take an­other bowl, pour the flour, corn­starch, salt, and wa­ter into it, and add the egg. Stir the mix­ture evenly with a pair of chop­sticks un­til it be­comes a smooth paste.

6. Cover each lo­tus root sand­wich with a thin layer of starch and dip it into the mixed paste un­til com­pletely coated.

7. Pour some salad oil into a pot and pre­heat the oil. Put the lo­tus root sand­wiches into the pot and fry them un­til both sides are crispy and golden.

8. Drain the lo­tus root sand­wiches.

9. Dip the lo­tus root sand­wiches in spiced salt and en­joy.

(Trans­la­tion: Li Lanxin)

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