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Hap­pi­ness doesn’t fall from heaven, but grows from in­side your heart.

—— Yang Lan, jour­nal­ist, and talk show host­ess



Yes­ter­day’s sun­light can’t warm to­day’s clothes.

—— Pan Shiyi, Chair­man of SOHO China, com­ment­ing that in­no­va­tors are needed in the face of rapid so­cial changes 方向是比速度更重要的追求。——白岩松 Di­rec­tion is more im­por­tant than speed.

—— B a i Y a n s o n g , n e w s com­men­ta­tor, an­chor and jour­nal­ist



The brave aren’t those who don’t cry but con­tinue run­ning with tears in their eyes.

—— A line from CCTV’s pro­gram Read­ers

最开始的 10 千米,谁都觉得轻松,包括那些很菜的菜鸟,所以你要稳住配速;最后的 10 千米,谁都觉得疲累,包括很牛的牛人,所以你得咬牙挺住。


In the first 10 km race, ev­ery­one feels un­strained, even the newb-ist of newbs. The key is that you need con­trol your pace. The last ten 10 km are a killer, even for the buffest of pros. You just need to bite your lip and hang in there.

—— Yu Xingbo, marathon trainer



Mem­ory is an ex­traor­di­nar­ily strange thing. We hope that it can re­mem­ber some­thing and it pa­tron­izes, re­turn­ing some­thing that is only tran­sient and im­per­ma­nent. We hope that it can for­get some­thing and it be­comes stub­bornly hell- bent on mak­ing sure that you never for­get.

—— TheFaceBe­hindTheMask by Bi Shumin

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