What It’s Like to Be an Al­co­holic


Special Focus - - Contents - Zhang Yi 张译

One year, I at­tended an event. In the end, the or­ga­nizer ended up hold­ing a cel­e­bra­tion party and co­erced me into drink­ing. I was afraid of drink­ing too much and get­ting into a state. So, I took my chance, while I was still clear­headed, stag­gered down the stairs and hailed a taxi. The driver asked me where I was go­ing, I told him to Shangri-La Ho­tel.

At the ho­tel, I just couldn’t un­lock my ho­tel room door. The clerk at re­cep­tion kept telling me that I wasn’t stay­ing at the Shangri- La. I thought that they were all out of their minds. In a huff, I took out my phone, show­ing them my itin­er­ary, which clearly said: “9th, Shang­hai, Shangri-La.”

The ho­tel re­cep­tion man­ager looked, con­fus­edly, at me, “Sir, firstly, to­day is the 28th. Se­condly, your card is for Swiss Ho­tel. Thirdly, this is Dalian.”

Once, my friend Gao had drunk too much. Look­ing at the clock over­hang­ing on the wall, he poked his buddy Xiao and asked, “What time is it? I can’t see clearly.”

Xiao squinted at it for quite some time be­fore he said, “It’s a dang ven­ti­lat­ing fan.”

When we have a per­for­mance the next day, as trainees we’re pro­hib­ited from drink­ing any al­co­hol the night be­fore. This day, though, we waited till lights out, and had a drink and some food in our dorms. This kind of party was a bit like an un­der­ground club, some­where we could only in­vite those who were trust­wor­thy to come. Ev­ery­one had to swear an oath that even if they were caught, they would never con­fess. Be­fore we got to par­ty­ing, we went over all our safety mea­sures both in­side and out­side of the dorm, just to make sure we weren’t in any dan­ger and noth­ing would go wrong.

Sud­denly, some­one was knock­ing at the door us­ing our se­cret sig­nal. We opened the door and saw the guy who had just gone to the bath­room, Da Li­fang… Be­hind him was our team cap­tain who had come to take us down.

We were at a loss, why would Da Li­fang be­tray us? Even while we were writ­ing self-cri­tiques this ques­tion puz­zled us to no end.

Later we found out, when he went to the bath­room, he’d al­ready had a lit­tle too

much drink. On his way back he ac­ci­dently knocked on our cap­tain’s door and then be­gan shout­ing, “I will never de­fect!”

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