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Ev­ery­thing un­der the sun was ac­com­plished through hard work, ex­cept for cul­ture which was nur­tured in leisure.

—— Yu Guangzhong, poet

Play­ing, learn­ing, ac­com­plish­ing, ap­pre­ci­at­ing, aban­don­ing and dy­ing con­sti­tute a whole life.

——Pu Cunxin, ac­tor

The key to sur­vival is re­main­ing stupid with­out know­ing how stupid you are.

——Wang Xiaobo, writer

Women are of­ten emo­tional. Yet ed­u­cated women are merely un­rea­son­able with their rel­a­tives and friends, while un­e­d­u­cated women are un­rea­son­able with ev­ery­one. For all peo­ple, the only thing com­pletely rea­son­able is

Xin­huaChi­ne­seDic­tionary . ——Zhang Quan­ling, jour­nal­ist and TV host­ess

Nat­u­ral gifts can be a bul­let in the mid-air. The dis­tance it flies de­pends on its en­ergy. Though, it will have to land some­where.

——Bi Feiyu, au­thor

We promised to be to­gether till our hair turns grey, but we al­ways hes­i­tate about get­ting our hair col­ored.

——Au­thor Qiao Ye on midlife dilemma

It isn’t easy to al­ways re­main proud and up­stand­ing. Hu­mil­ity is sim­ple, though, all you need to do is to stoop over. Be­ing proud means that you must stand straight and you need some­thing to back you.

——Chen Daom­ing, ac­tor

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