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If wrin­kles end up be­ing carved into our fore­heads, then the only thing we can do is to make sure that they don’t get in­grained onto our hearts.

—— Peter Ho-sun Chan, di­rec­tor



Mother­hood is a jour­ney of tol­er­ance and wis­dom. I, es­pe­cially, ad­mire some moth­ers, who build a strong sense of in­ti­macy with their chil­dren when they are young and know how to, ap­pro­pri­ately, back away af­ter they’ve grown up. Par­ent­hood isn’t a per­ma­nent oc­cu­pa­tion but one of life’s deep affini­ties. We do not want our chil­dren to feel that their child­hoods are poor and bar­ren, and we do not want them to feel that their adult­hood is suf­fo­cat­ing, ei­ther.

——Zhao Jie, au­thor 做母亲是一场心胸和智慧的远 行。我钦佩一些母亲,她们在孩子年幼时给予强烈的亲密,又在孩子长大后学会得体地退出。亲子关系不是恒久的占有,而是生命中一场深厚的缘分。我们既不能使孩子感到童年贫瘠,又不能让孩子觉得成年窒息。


I, also, once wasted time and was even reck­less to the point of not be­ing afraid to die. But the mo­ment I fell in love with you, I be­gan to wish that I can live to be one hun­dred.

——Zhu Sheng­hao, trans­la­tor



En­trepreneur­ship is find­ing dis­com­fort, ac­cus­tom­ing one­self to dis­com­fort and treat­ing dis­com­fort as com­fort.

——Wang Shi, en­tre­pre­neur



Eigh­teen- year- old guys are proud of their good looks and vigor, that’s youth. If a thir­tyyear- old guy says he’s good look­ing and en­er­getic, that’s id­iocy. Even out of the most beau­ti­ful girls, who would dare say they are still be­witch­ing by the time they’ve made it to thirty? None. Af­ter thirty, all of our youth, dreams and pas­sion have al­ready been con­cen­trated on our pur­suits in our ca­reers, lives, fu­tures and con­tri­bu­tions to so­ci­ety.

—— Yu Min­hong, pres­i­dent of New Ori­en­tal Ed­u­ca­tion and Tech­nol­ogy Group

18岁的男生以英俊为骄傲,是青春;30岁的男生说自己英俊,很白痴。女生长得再美,有哪个女生到了 30岁还敢说老娘长得挺妖娆的?没有。30 岁以后,我们所有的青春、梦想、激情都集中在了对事业、生活、未来和对社会贡献的追求上。


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