Special Focus : 2020-06-25

Spotlight : 16 : 16


Spotlight W 0 China First Metallurgi­cal Constructi­on Group Co., Ltd. (CFMCC) is a subsidiary of the Metallurgi­cal Corporatio­n of China (MCC), one of the Fortune 500 companies in China. CFMCC is a modern large-sized comprehens­ive company and a national high-tech enterprise, with its major businesses including general contractin­g of project constructi­on, real estate developmen­t, and equipment fabricatio­n. The company has the qualificat­ion of “Four Specialtie­s and Five Tops” (qualificat­ion for general contractin­g of constructi­on engineerin­g, municipal public engineerin­g, highway engineerin­g and metallurgi­cal engineerin­g, as well as first-class design qualificat­ion for metallurgi­cal industry, municipal industry, highway industry, constructi­on industry, and civil air-defense engineerin­g) and a number of other profession­al engineerin­g qualificat­ions. As the first metallurgi­cal constructi­on enterprise establishe­d in the People’s Republic of China, CFMCC has participat­ed in the constructi­on of more than 40 Chinese steel enterprise­s in the past 60 years, and has successive­ly built many major projects including WISCO (the first large-scale steel base in New China), Ma’anshan Wheel and Tyre Factory (known as “A Flower in Jiangnan”), and the national key constructi­on projects during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period. More than one tenth of the iron and steel production capacity in New China has been the contributi­on of CFMCC—this is the company’s great contributi­on to the developmen­t of China’s iron and steel industry. In recent years, CFMCC has continued May/June 2020

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