Special Focus : 2020-06-25

Spotlight : 17 : 17


夕阳下的中国一冶巴基­斯坦光伏发电项目 to maintain developmen­tal momentum despite fierce market competitio­n, with an actual amount of new contracts reaching to the level of 70 billion yuan, realizing a growth in the falling market in the post PPP era. Twenty years ago, CFMCC dared to be the first to carry out its reform and transforma­tion, and began to develop rapidly with fast and steady steps. In the past decade, it has stridden firmly through the ups and downs of domestic and foreign markets, gradually developed and expanded with promising prospects. Looking forward to the future, while devoting itself to domestic constructi­on and developmen­t, CFMCC takes on the responsibi­lity of building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind. Daring to face challenges and with knowledge to overcome them tactfully, it seizes the day and lives it to the fullest. While contributi­ng wisdom and strength to the constructi­on and developmen­t of all countries in the world, the company strives to open a new chapter of high-quality and high-speed developmen­t. Special Focus

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