Special Focus : 2020-06-25

Culture : 88 : 88


Culture ABriefingo­nthe Discoverya­ndProspect­ingof theLarge-scaleNo.1Ancient TombatDrum-beatingMou­ndin SuixianCou­nty,HubeiProvi­nce: “The constructi­on methods of the tomb (vertical pits, wooden coffins, charcoal deposits, the filling of white paste mud, rammed constructi­on of fivecolore­d soil, etc.), was basically the same as those of the period of Warring States and Qin or Han dynasties excavated in Jiangling, Yunmeng and Yichang of Hubei Province, Guanghua (now part of Laohekou City) of Hebei Province, and other similar historical regions. No relics later than those of the Western Han Dynasty were found in the fill, along with the bronzes of the Warring States period that had been found nearby. A preliminar­y judgement dated this tomb to the Warring States or Western Han Dynasty, but could have also been earlier in the late Spring and Autumn period. “Such a type of large-scale wooden coffin tomb from the Spring and Autumn, Warring States, or Western Han Dynasty was found for the first time. As May/June 2020

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