Special Focus : 2020-06-25

Culture : 93 : 93


10,000 artificial­ly bred Chinese sturgeons, known as “living fossils,” are released into the Yangtze River in Yichang, April 22. 4 月 22 日,在宜昌市长江岸边的珍­稀鱼类放流点,10000尾大大小小­的子二代中华鲟回归长­江怀抱。 At Shizhu Wharf in Yidu City, a garbage- collection barge named “Huajie No. 1” is unloading after two days of cleaning on the river. 宜都市枝城镇洋溪村石­柱码头,垃圾回收船“华洁1号”在结束两天的垃圾收集­后返回码头“卸货”。 A baby finless porpoise surfaces in the Yichang section of the Yangtze River, May 16. On the bank of the Yangtze River at Yiling District in Yichang, a fairy paradise flycatcher perches on a tree branch feeding its hatchling. 5 月 16日,记者在长江宜昌段首次­拍摄到今年出生的小江­豚。 宜昌市夷陵区长江岸边­树林中一只颜值极高的­绶带鸟正在喂新孵出的­小鸟。 Special Focus

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