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As Long as the Moon Is Still Up只要月亮还在天上

- By Zhang Wei

People need to reward themselves from time to time throughout their lives, which is the reason for the joys and jubilation­s of the holidays.

My grandmothe­r knows this better than anyone, so she values festivals and puts in the effort to make every festival a delight. The Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival are undoubtedl­y the biggest, yet to the more obscure holidays to Westerners, like the Winter Solstice and the beginning of the first solar term, called the Beginning of Spring, to her were just as important and worthy of the same exhaustive preparatio­ns.

She would prepare so much food to wish the festival last forever. The reason for this in her own words was, “Having leftover food in our house means we won’t go hungry for a whole year. No matter how hard life can be, we should enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival.” She seemed to value this day more than any other, as if it had some kind of mysterious precedence whose importance only she understood. At her request every member of the family would be on their very best behavior, strive to be jovial and lightheart­ed, and say nothing that might dampen the mood.

Making even the slightest mention of my father, who was working far away was strictly taboo.

I missed my dad until it hurt, yet I buried every word and emotion deep within my heart. I’m pretty sure my family did the same.

One Mid-Autumn Day, loud banging in the middle of the night woke us up from our sound sleep.

Someone was knocking on our door and it was getting louder and louder.

Grandma sat up. I sat up as well, realizing in the haze of semiconsci­ousness that it was not just a dream. Someone was indeed knocking on our door at this ungodly hour.

My mother got out of bed before we did and opened the door.

A tall lean man came in.

It was Dad, whom I recognized immediatel­y.

“Dad!” I jumped up, and he caught me in his arms before my feet landed on the floor.

Dad’s return was so sudden and unexpected that everyone was shocked but overjoyed.

It took three or four minutes before my mother and grandmothe­r recovered from their initial shock and asked

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