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Kuala Lumpur comes of age with its first multinational boutique-style hotel and branded luxury residences. 吉隆坡迎來首家奢華的國際精品酒店及品牌住宅。

At the end of last year, Pwc's annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2018 put Kuala Lumpur at number 21 on its list of markets to watch for the year, with fair investment prospects, though not as good as Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta or Manila. Citing oversupply, only moderate take-up by downsizing energy multinationals and weak consumer sentiment, PWC was cautious about KL'S commercial sector. In the residential sector, “the same situation applies…where the number of unsold units has continued to rise, leading developers to delay launches. Previously strong demand from Chinese buyers has softened as a result of capital controls imposed by the Chinese government,” said PWC.

But that was late 2017. In the interim, an election saw the Pakatan Harapan end 61 years of National Front rule, leaving “no doubt about the desire for change among Malaysian voters,” as The Washington Post stated. Despite the expected shocks to the market after the election, Malaysia remains one of Asia's most attractive investments for foreign investors. The predictions of “stability” and “flat performance” for KL property this year could shift drastically depending on how quickly the new (and former) Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad makes changes, though most industry observers expect the election to give the property market a boost.

Boutique Time

In the meantime, Kuala Lumpur forges ahead as a tourist destination and as a popular investment location for premium property. When Four Seasons Place was announced, and its Residences went on sale four years ago, it was the first of its kind in the Malaysian capital. Four Seasons' second property in Malaysia (after Langkawi) is the first major international brand to bring a boutique vibe to the city's hospitality landscape; most other hotels feature 400, 500, or 600 rooms.

去年底,普華永道的年度《Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2018》報告,公佈最值得留意的市場排名,吉隆坡排在第21位,投資前景不錯,縱然比不上胡志明市、雅加達或馬尼拉。普華永道對吉隆坡的商用物業市場持審慎態度,原因是供過於求、跨國能源公司裁減人手,對寫字樓需求一般、消費者信心疲弱。住宅市場方面,普華永道稱:「情況相同,未出售單位數量不斷上升,令發展商延遲推出新項目,亦因中國政府採取資本管制措施,之前來自中國買家的強勁需求放緩。」


Kuala Lumpur comes of age with its first multinational boutique-style hotel and branded luxury residences.吉隆坡迎來首家奢華的國際精品酒店及品牌住宅。

“It's about comfort and creating an experience [that] maybe Kuala Lumpur hasn't seen,” begins hotel general manager Tom J Roelens. Located next door to the Petronas Towers and across from the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Four Seasons Place rises like a beacon from its surroundings. Designed by NRY Architects, the 77-storey tower's glass structure (the country's second tallest after Petronas) meets the street, integrating seamlessly with KLCC and the city around it. “You can't miss it. The most important thing, as the saying goes, is location, location, location. I think we've got it right. It's in the heart of the city, right next to the Petronas Towers. We're truly excited,” notes Roelens.

Complementing the 209-room hotel are 27 serviced residences, the first for the brand outside Hong Kong, double-floor retailing in the signature Shoppes at Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur, and a rash of dining and leisure options Roelens expects will make the address the place to stay as well as to live in KL. “We're preparing a great destination within the destination. Around us is great shopping, great dining, and we want to draw on that. The offering we have from a food and beverage point of view is locally relevant. It will also be the place to be seen, hold events and so on.” Roelens and Co recruited Hong Kong interiors studio AB Concept to design the spaces in the lobby lounge, the Malaysia-focused Bar Trigona and fine Cantonese dining outlet Yun House. “They're quite bold in their approach, and it will truly elevate the experiences, not only from a culinary point of view but from an experiential side too,” states Roelens.

Upping the Stakes

Experiential gratification, to Roelens, is key to making the residences stand apart. “What differentiates us is that we insist on providing service. People purchase a Four Seasons residence likely because they have bought into the lifestyle and service levels; they've stayed with us before and they know us. We have to ensure we continue that level of service.” To go along with the boutique vibe in the hotel is the Four Seasons Private Residences—the largest residential offering for the hotel to date. The 242 homes, which are scheduled for completion later this summer, will be finished as either turnkey properties or left to owners' designs. Unlike many branded residences, the private residences are just that: private. The residences are never hotel stock.

"The benefit of owning a Private Residence is that it is yours only. You get to tailor make it to your personal taste while also benefiting from privileged access to all of Four Seasons' services on a daily basis. This makes it incredibly attractive, especially for international buyers who appreciate turnkey solutions and the prestige of the best address in town,” says Roelens. “Specifically, what it means is that while each unit comes finished with the highest grade


目前,吉隆坡的發展逐步走向旅遊目的地及高尚住宅投資目的地。四年前,Four Seasons Place宣佈在該市推出住宅項目,當時為吉隆坡史無前例的新項目。這次四季再下一城,推出第二個(繼浮羅交怡之後)以精品時尚為主題的物業,令四季成為首個在該市酒店及服務業引入精品潮流的國際品牌。相比以下,其他酒店的客房數目多達400、500或600間。

酒店總經理Tom J Roelens表示:「我們著重舒適,打造創新體驗,這可能是吉隆坡前所未有的。」大樓位於雙子塔旁,在吉隆坡會展中心對面,在建築群中一枝獨秀。由NRY建築事務所設計的大樓,高77層(高度僅次於雙子塔),其玻璃


除了209間客房外,酒店附設27間服務式住宅,是香港以外的首個同類型項目,另有兩層名為吉隆坡Shoppes at Four Seasons Place的零售空間,還有大量的餐飲及娛樂選擇。Roelens預期項目所在地不單成為吉隆坡的住宿熱點,還會成為生活圈。Roelens說:「我們在吉隆坡這個旅遊勝地中打造了一個出色的地標,利用附近優質的購物及餐飲設施吸引訪客,從餐飲角度而言,我們融入地道風味,客人可在這裡觀光,享受時尚生活,舉辦 活動等等。」Roelens及他的公司誠聘香港室內設計公司AB Concept設計酒店的大堂酒廊、以馬來西亞為主題的Bar Trigona,以及高級粵菜食府Yun House。roelens表示:「AB Concept的設計富創意,不單提升客人享受美食的樂趣,同時提升客人體驗。」


Roelens認為,體驗的滿意度是令這物業脫穎而出的要素。他表示:「我們堅持為住客提供無微不至的服務。Four Seasons住宅的買家大都使用過我們的服務,欣賞我們的生活方式及服務水平,因此我們必須保持一貫高水平。」與精品潮流一脈相承的是Four Seasons Private Residences,是迄今為止該酒店推出的最大住宅項目, 242個單位預計於今年夏天竣工,部分單

floorings, perfectly appointed kitchens, bathrooms and so forth, each home owner also has the enhanced option of decorating their unit to suit their own sense of style.” Four Seasons’ design and decorating crews are available to help. “It’s the most luxurious home ownership solution in Kuala Lumpur which is why it has attracted a lot of interest from foreign home buyers, many of whom are our customers.”

Among the amenities at the Private Residences are full access to the hotel’s services and facilities, a private 35th floor lounge, outdoor swimming pool, laundry and shopping services, in-residence dining, event catering, and views across the 20-hectare KLCC Park as a start.

The remaining freehold residences for sale come in two- to four-bedroom configurations, and prices begin at approximately MYR3,000 per square foot (HK$6,000). Sizes range from 1,496 to 3,843 square feet (approximately HK$9 to $23 million). For more details refer to


Roelens表示:「擁有private Residence的好處是只有你才可享用這單位,可以按個人品味裝飾單位,每天可享用四季提供的所有服務,相當有吸引力,特別對來自海外、喜歡住在市內優越地段、連裝修設計方案的買家。每個單位備有高級地板、設備齊全的廚房及浴室等等,但業主亦可按個人風格裝飾單位。」四季的設計及裝飾團隊隨時候命。「這是吉隆坡最奢華的住宅方案,吸引許多海外買家的注視,不少更是我們現有顧客。」

Private Residences中可享用的服務及設施包括位於35樓的私人酒廊、室外泳池、洗衣及購物服務、住所用餐服務、活動餐飲服務、以及一望無垠的20公頃吉隆坡城中城公園景觀。


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