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In the blink of an eye, we have already passed the midway point of 2018. Along with Chief Executive Carrie Lam's recent announcements on housing policies, we looked back on Hong Kong's property market in the previous half a year. The commercial market is on track for further growth, and despite cooling measures doing rather little to control the housing market, it seems unlikely that the government will loosen the reigns any time soon. We also consulted industry experts, including our new columnist, Okay.com's CEO Joshua Han Miller, about how the new vacancy tax might not actually trigger a fall in housing prices.

As HKRI celebrates its 40th anniversary, we spoke to the deputy chairman and managing director, Victor Cha, regarding the mainland Chinese market, the Greater Bay Area, and what lies in store for the developers who created Discovery Bay.

ᙽಁϞ໢Ȃ2018ԑငϐႆΟΙЈȄᙤ๿੫ॶ ݓ᎒Т৕ശߖϴՇཱིܘࡐࢇ๊Ȃ! ר ঈӱ៫ႆўјԑॷ෫ޟܘӵ౰ѿൟߒ౪ȅ෈ϱ୦཈ሯؑࡻ៉ΰЀȃմዂѿ! ६ྣ௩ࢊһխнґԤᄇѿൟ౰ҡ፡௡հңȃхࢇۺ Ϛњџ૖ӵ฻෈ϱܹᚬ፡௡! ࢇ๊Ȅ ר ঈᗙᒚၚΟ՗ཾடড়Ȃ ڏ ϛѓࢂר ঈޟཱིடួհড়ȃokay.comޟ! ՗ࢇᖂຘ৘ᅕ܆Ȃоο၌ཱིޟުညโȃ࣏ϧቄᄂሬΰ ٮ ϚོᏲमܘቋΉແȄ

ӵॷ෫ᑹཾ୽ሬኊઢԙҳ40ں ԑϞሬȂ ר ঈᇄ໱ღ୙кৰঙီٱ ᖂင౩ࢥᔚԙ ൷ϛ୽σചѿൟȃσᢊୢоѕඛශᢊޟ໠ีȃ໌՗ο၏ᅾଆ፣ȅ

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