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Qantas treats its first class passengers to top-notch service including chauffeur service, complimentary spa treatments, a Neil Perry-designed gourmet menu, and Martin Grant designer pyjamas. The original 14-suite design maintains a high level of privacy, and the area has a dedicated stairwell leading to the upper deck's premium lounge designed by David Caon where first passengers can relax in style. The airline has also partnered up with Sheridan, Australia's premium home and lifestyle brand, to provide its customers with a bespoke range of luxurious bedding products. There's no doubt that flying Qantas First will get you to your destination well rested.

澳航為頭等乘客提供高端的服務包括豪華轎車服務、免費水療護理、Neil Perry設計的美食及martin Grant設計的睡衣,14個原創設計的頭等艙,具有很高私隱度,乘客更可使用專屬樓梯直達上層由David Caon設計的尊貴休息室,讓頭等乘客放鬆身心。澳航亦與澳洲高級生活家品品牌Sheridan合作,為乘客提供量身訂製的豪華床上用品。毫無疑問,澳空頭等艙能讓乘客在抵達目的地前有充足的休息。

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