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Ever watched Disney's UP and wondered what it'd be like to have a home in the air? You won't have to wonder any more with Etihad's The Residence. At over 125 square feet, this is the world's first and only private three-room suite on a commercial aircraft, and is roughly the size of a small studio flat in Hong Kong. The double bedroom features a bedside table, full-length wardrobe, and is certified for two guests. A private corridor leads to the bathroom equipped with Acqua di Parma toiletries and bathrobes; the bedroom is kitted out in Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding by Pratesi; and elegant loungewear by Christian Lacroix is also provided. There is even a personal butler to look after your needs. A notch down is the less extravagant first class suite First Apartment, with 39 square feet of private area.

看過迪士尼卡通沖天救兵的朋友,或許會幻想家在空中的感覺!有阿提哈德航空的The Residence,幻想可變現實,這是目前全球商用航機中首創及唯一的私人套房,共有三個,每個面積達125平方呎,約為香港一個開放式單位的大小。雙人床套房備有床邊櫃、大型衣櫥,可供兩位乘客使用,私人走廊盡頭是浴室,提供Acqua di Parma沐浴用品及浴袍;睡房採用egyptian純綿床單及Pratesi寢具;還有由christian Lacroix設計的休閒服。航班上更有私人管家照顧乘客一切所需。下一級為頭等套房First Apartment,有39平方呎的私人空間。

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