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Emirates' new First Class private suites have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and sleek design features inspired by the Mercedes-benz S-class. These two companies have extended their partnership to beyond design, and will provide a fleet of S-class cars as part of the first class complimentary chauffeur service. Decorated in a colour palette of soft greys, cream and champagne, each 40 square-feet private space conveys a contemporary yet timeless luxury. Emirates has also introduced the industry's first virtual windows for suites located in the middle aisle. Privacy is key; Bowers & Wilkins has created noise-cancelling headphones specially for the airline, and all suites come with a service window where customers can be served undisturbed. Add into the mix Byredo skincare, Hydra Active moisturising pyjamas to combat dehydration, Bulgari amenity kits, and you're most definitely flying in luxury.

阿聯酋的頭等私人套房有由地板至天花的趟門,還有靈感來自平治汽車S-class的設計元素,這兩間公司的合作關係不僅在於設計上,平治更會為航空公司的頭等乘客提供免費車隊連司機。面積達40平方呎的私人空間,採用粉灰、奶白和香檳色為主調,富現代感之餘,還散發持久的奢華感。阿聯酋亦開創業界先河,在位於走廊中間的房間提供虛擬窗戶;航空公司十分著重乘客的私隱,Bowers & Wilkins特別為阿聯酋設計降噪耳機,所有套房皆有個小窗戶,機組人員可透過窗戶為乘客提供服務,毋須打擾乘客。航空公司更為乘客提供Byredo護膚品、保濕睡衣、bulgari旅行套裝,保證乘客擁有奢華的空中體驗。

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