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ANA have long been famed for their omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) and personalised quality customer service. Their first class cabin experience certainly matches this high standard. The cushy seats come with a large adjustable dining table as well as an adjustable cocktail table to the side. The airline provides Sony noise-cancelling headphones blocking out approximately 99% of background noise, and passengers are also given comfortable loungewear made from organic cotton. Each first class traveller will also receive an ANA original “SAMSONITE” amenity kit, including the finest “The Ginza Cosmetics” such as energising lotion and creamy cleansing foam.

全日空一直以其日式款客之道和個性化客戶服務聞名,其頭等艙的體驗必然達到高水平。頭等艙的柔軟座椅配備可調校的大餐檯,側邊亦有可調校的雞尾酒檯,供乘客享用的Sony降噪耳機可隔絕99%背景噪音;有機純綿製休閒服柔軟舒適,還有全日空原創的「SAMSONITE」旅行套裝,當中包括「THE Ginza Cosmetics」的最優質護膚品,如煥膚乳和潔面乳。

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