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Squarefoot - - EDITOR'S NOTE -

The end of September marked the end of Hong Kong's era of low interest rates. A response to the persisting Fed rate hikes happening Stateside, various banks have nevertheless not reached the estimated increase of 0.25%, with the majority only adjusting upwards by 0.125%. Its effects on the market are therefore not vast, and we gained insight into how these interest rate hikes might affect Hong Kong's property prices.

Heritage redevelopment is a buzzy phrase again since the regeneration of Central Market is now underway as part of the ‘Conserving Central' initiative. While the jury is still out as to whether the URA will honour public sentiment and preserve the market as a landscaped space to serve the masses instead of yet another retail area, we consulted heritage specialists and urban planners about what they would like to see in policies regarding heritage protection and renewal.



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