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As the season begins to change in Hong Kong, retailers have already started gearing up for the cooler, festive time of year. Globally, the thematic concepts created for festive seasons are designed as key visual marketing tools to engage existing and new customers. What might seem very far away for some people, takes months of retail planning for others, including the visual merchandising teams for retail and commercial spaces. The big advantage to having a physical space is the ability to creatively design the user journey—which makes it very important for retailers to use the best practices when planning concepts for their window and store displays.

The level of planning required for the displays has a direct impact on revenue, thus creativity is king when it comes to creating a lasting impact which could convert visitors to buyers. The retailer needs to fully understand who the customer is in order to connect with them through innovative visual story telling. Here are a few of my favourite concepts designed for window and store displays.

Allow for the unusual:

In 2009, Hermes collaborated with Japanese designer, Tokujin Yoshioka to design a simple yet unusual interactive window display. This display utilised air movement to capture the attention of passersby, inducing a sense of wonder around the product.


2009年,Hermes與日本設計師吉岡德仁(tokujin Yoshioka)合作,共同設計一個簡樸但具非凡互動性的櫥窗設計。此陳設充份利用了空氣流動的巧思,成功引起途人注意,同時令他們對產品產生好奇。

Advantages of technology:

Michael Kors launched their new smartwatch collection by bringing the watch technology experience to the customer through an interactive window display. The successful integration of technology in this installation creatively captures and illustrates the emerging trend of smartwatches in the industry.

Capture brand DNA:

Clarks has recently undergone a brand reinvention. The company has started producing shoes in the UK again with new cutting-edge technology, adopting ways for product design innovation. Based on this reinvention, Clarks has designed store and window displays to provide customers with a sense of excitement and anticipation. This solution symbolises the brand's commitment to the future.

Beyond the window:

Breaking boundaries and extending beyond the window can create a major design impact for any festive season. Topshop created an installation for Pride, covering both inside and outside of the store window display for this LGBTQ+ celebration. The extension beyond the store interior created an impressive visual impact for passersby.

An artistic expression:

This window display introduced human interaction in a uniquely compelling way, allowing it a true differentiation from other visual merchandising. Performance artists were used to create this unforgettable window display, inviting customers to participate as the audience.

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