Landmark on Robson takes the crown jewel in Canada

Taking the title of Best Overseas Property Development, Landmark on Robson—located on Vancouver’s Robson Street—is the first property project Asia Standard International Group has undertaken in North America since its foray into the hotel business. Being new to the Canadian housing market didn’t stop Asia Standard from receiving the recognition that they deserve; Kwan Polam, executive director at Asia Standard, says that the group purchased this citycentre lot in Vancouver back in 1997. It was after 20 years when it was decided the site will be transformed into a high-end residential development to adapt to recent changes in the city’s urban planning and that’s when they started to build the Empire Landmark Hotel.

Kwan says that the team has spent years collecting data on local property regulations and home buying preferences and living habits of Vancouver locals, while doing extensive research on construction materials, unit design and pricing. Robson Street is a major downtown street in Vancouver, so Landmark on Robson boasts a prime location and great connectivity, while overlooking the scenic English Bay, Coal Harbour and Stanley Park. The group hired multi-awardwinning design teams from the UK and Japan to create an innovative residential project worthy of its excellent location and unique advantages. Kwan also points out that Vancouver is a popular education destination for Asian students and with the University of British Columbia just a little over ten minutes away by car, he believes Landmark on Robson will attract a considerable number of overseas students and their families.

Landmark on Robson features a variety of units as well as exquisite interior design and facilities. The two- and three-bedroom suites come with a 182-square-foot balcony, fitted with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. In addition, this is the first residential development in Vancouver to use Italianimported Minotti Cucine kitchen cabinets. The project has over 18,000 square feet of club facilities, including a 9,000-squarefoot outdoor sky garden, the only residential sky garden of its scale in the area and one of Landmark on Robson’s major benefits. Kwan says the development is expected to open in four years and considering that investors these days prefer smaller units, he thinks a one-bedroom suite with a saleable area of 600 square feet in the development is likely to yield great returns for the owner.

位於溫哥華洛遜街的Landmark on Robson獲「最佳海外物業項目」,此物業更是泛海國際集團於北美洲繼酒店業務之後首個發展的房地產項目,甫進軍加拿大住宅市場就獲得殊榮。泛海國際集團執行董事關堡林表示,集團早於1997年買入該位於溫哥華市中心的黃金地段,經營酒店Empire Landmark Hotel逾20年,其後因應城市規劃改變,於幾年前決定將項目改為高端住宅發展。

他表示,公司團隊花上好幾年時間蒐集資料,一方面了解加拿大地產條例及當地人置業和生活習慣,另一方面研究建築用料及單位設計,並細心考慮項目定位。據關氏介紹,Landmark on Robson擁有絕佳地理位置優勢,位於四通八達的洛遜街,而且能夠俯瞰English Bay, Coal Harbour, Stanley Park景致,故特地聘用英國建築師和日本設計師團隊,務求打造一個溫哥華地標式住宅項目。關堡林又指,不少亞洲人選擇前往溫哥華高級學府升學,從項目駕車至英屬哥倫比亞大學亦只需十多分鐘,相信在當地升學的學生及其家庭亦是此物業客源之一。

他指Landmark On Robson除戶型多元化外,用料講究,2房及3房單位露台面積達182呎,配上全玻璃落地窗。Landmark On Robson更是溫哥華首個率先引進意大利Minotti Cucine廚櫃配置的住宅項目;此外,提供超過18,000平方呎會所設施,當中包括區內唯一一個住宅項目擁有逾9,000平方呎的戶外空中庭園供住客享用,為吸引自住及投資客的一大賣點。他表示,項目預計於四年內入伙,而現時投資客較為偏好細單位,若以實用面積約600平方呎1房單位計算,租金回報相當理想。

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