TGC & Mia Cucina wins the market by attending to their customers’ NEEDS FIRST AND FOREMOST.


The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited kitchen appliances brand TGC and high-end kitchen solutions provider Mia Cucina have received REA Greater China Awards 2018’s categories for ‘Best Kitchen Appliance’ and ‘Best Kitchen Design’. In recent years, consumers have become more inclined to invest time and effort in kitchen design, and those with a passion for cooking tend to prefer gas hobs as they can control power more easily making food juicier. Gas is also an environmentally friendly energy, observes Catherine Wong, General Manager of Retail Marketing and Sales at Towngas.

Launched by Towngas in 2000, TGC is known for its signature blend of creativity and functionality. Featuring images of Hello Kitty’s iconic bow using screen-printing technology, they introduced Hong Kong’s first limited-edition Hello Kitty built-in hob last year which was followed by the launch of the Hello Kitty temperature-modulated water heater and gas dryer. Having provided kitchen cabinet and design services for large residence years ago, the company saw an increasing demand for high-quality kitchen design and so founded Mia Cucina in 2010. This premium kitchen solutions provider uses imported Italian materials to craft kitchen cabinets with sevenlayer plywood, perfectly suited to Hong Kong’s humid environment. The brand also provides one-stop bespoke kitchen design and consultation services and launched its premium Italian kitchen appliance collection in early 2017. Wong says that Towngas currently has five customer centres showcasing complete sets of Mia Cucina kitchen cabinets and is planning for more in the future.

Dedicated to providing accessible, professional and highly efficient services, Towngas’ six-star customer service ensures a three-year free warranty for spare parts for all of its appliances, so customers can enjoy their kitchen experience at ease. Both TGC and Mia Cucina have 24-hour service hotlines to answer questions and help arrange maintenance and installation services, making sure that all their customers’ needs are prioritised and attended to.

香港中華煤氣有限公司旗下爐具品牌TGC及高級品牌MIA Cucina分別榮獲「最佳廚房爐具」及「最佳廚房設計」獎項,零售市務及營業總經理王佩兒指近年消費者願意花時間及心思於家居的廚房設計上;同時,熱愛烹飪的顧客多喜用明火煮食,認為煮食時較易控制火侯,令食物更鮮味;而且以煤氣煮食亦較環保。

TGC是煤氣公司於2000年推出的爐具品牌,產品以創意及實用見稱。品牌去年破天荒推出全港首個限量版的Hello Kitty嵌入式平面爐;今年再下一城,推出Hello Kitty煤氣恆溫熱水爐及煤氣乾衣機,利用絲印技術將角色經典蝴蝶結印於產品上,反應超乎理想。

煤氣公司多年前已為大型樓盤提供廚櫃設計及銷售服務;有見客人對廚房設計要求愈來愈高,2010年創立Mia Cucina高級品牌,採用意大利進口物料,櫃身內籠採用7層夾板,適合香港潮濕環境。品牌於2017年初更推出意大利高級爐具系列,提供一站式廚房設計服務。王佩兒表示,煤氣公司現有五個客戶中心可展示全套Mia Cucina廚房,日後可望增加廚櫃陳列室的數目。

煤氣公司一直以提供親切、專業的高效率服務為使命。六星級的售後服務確保所有爐具產品均享有三年包零件免費保養,令顧客更有信心。旗下TGC及MIA Cucina品牌均設有專人接聽的客戶服務熱線,24小時為顧客解答爐具產品問題、安排維修及安裝服務等,絕對能滿足客人各方面需求。

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